PACforKids mission is to enrich the lives of travelers to and children living in developing countries.


While in a developing country have you ever:
– Felt a tug at your heart knowing you have much more than local people?
– Had a needy child shyly ask you for money?
– Seen a haggard old woman hold out a shriveled hand hoping for coins?
– Wondered if giving just a few cents to a beggar is good or bad?
– Heard a tap on your car window by someone requesting money for food?
– Wished you had something with you to give away?
– Pondered what is the best way to give to needy people while traveling?

You probably have had this happen – and so have we.
From our experiences we created

Photos:  Authors with children in (l to rt.) South Africa, Lao PDR, Mexico.

PAC for Kids” goals are to:
–  Advise travelers how to give gifts to needy children in developing countries,
–  Help travelers locate inexpensive items that are budget friendly,
–  Choose environmentally-friendly, green gifts,
–  Select useful, appropriate, culturally-sensitive gifts,
–  Identify worthy recipients,
–  Give children in developing countries useful or enjoyable things they probably don’t have and can’t afford,
–  Prepare donors for a positive, person-to-person experience that will transcend the usual sightseeing trip,
–  Create international good will for the U.S.A.

IN SUM:   WHY plan ahead and PACforKids?  While traveling in developing countries, visitors often feel a spontaneous urge to give something but are unprepared and uncertain about what to give. helps you plan before you leave home by preparing appropriate gifts and locating worthy recipients.

Billboard in front of Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa.

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