PACforKids mission is to enrich the lives of travelers to and children living in developing countries.

How to Share Your Story

Please email us  (  so we can include your experience(s) on PACforKids.

Include your:

1.  Name(s)

2.  Telephone Number including area code and best time to contact you.

3.  E-mail

4.  Regular mail

5.  When you traveled

6.  Destination

7.  Where you donated items (be as thorough as possible including the correct spelling of the place you visited, its address, email, website, contact person)

8.  What you gave

9.  Their reaction

10.  Your reaction

11.  Photos (especially welcome)

12.  Additional, useful information you would like to share

13.  Websites or links to worthy recipients

If we include your experience on PACforKids we will not include your last/family name and contact information unless you want it included.

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